Alliance Geyser Heat Pump

Manufacturer Alliance Air

Various size options available. (Up to 7.2KW) Pricing is VAT inclusive. Installation costs are excluded.

Picture of Alliance Domestic Heat Pump 3.2KW
Alliance Domestic Heat Pump 3.2KW
R16 999,00 incl tax
Ideal for 3.2KW geyser capacity of 100 to 150 Litre

Picture of Alliance Domestic Heat Pump 5KW
Alliance Domestic Heat Pump 5KW
R18 999,00 incl tax
Ideal for 5KW geyser capacity of 150 to 250 Litre

Alliance Domestic Heat Pump 7.2KW
R21 999,00 incl tax
Ideal for 7.2KW geyser capacity of 250 to 500 Litre

Alliance heat pumps use refrigeration technology to extract heat from the surrounding air and transfers it to your geyser's tank.

  • Eco-friendly R410A Gas.
  • Saves up to two thirds on your power consumption compared to conventional heating methods.
  • Alliance’s neat weatherproof unit is quickly and easily installed.
  • Remote Control with Timer.
  • Easy to Install.
  • 12 Month Warranty.


Please note:

Installation of the unit needs to comply to the manufacturers installation requirements and building regulation in terms of electrical compliance


Alliance only provides the main unit; other items and necessary spare parts for the water system must be provided by the installer.

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